Celebrating Midsommar

Nebraska summers can be unbearable, and at the same time they can be wonderful. When I celebrated the summer solstice the temperature was perfect, the food was delicious and the company marvelous.

Traditional Midsommar is a big deal in Sweden, which is where I learned how to celebrate this holiday. Last summer in Sweden I spent the day surrounded by family and friends, we picked flowers from fields, made flower crowns, sang songs, enjoyed good food and beverages and stayed awake until the sun came up.

It was magical.


My three aunts Alex, Jenny, Anna, cousin Viola and myself last midsummer donning the flower crowns Anna made for us. 

Sadly this year I could not make it to Sweden for the summer, so I decided to host a small gathering. As always, the best part was the food. My guests went all out with what they brought. We had vegan cheesecake, homemade rye bread, scrumptious peach cake with a homemade caramel sauce, and homemade elderberry syrup to make drinks with. I required each guest to bring a bouquet of flowers so each could have their very own flower crown. I almost felt like I was in Sweden.

Can’t forget to add Delta the poodle, who helped me relax the morning after the party. IMG_1474 (2)

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