Island Vacation

I spent the last week on Pawley’s Island, a small island about 30 minutes from Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. My husband has family that lives there and we regulary visit, usually renting a beach house to stay at for a week or so. I fully recommend renting a beach house when staying anywhere around Myrtle Beach and Charleston, if you have a large enough group. We had 15 total in this house and the cost ended up being around $300 per person for an entire week. With this view, you can’t beat that.


This was my first visit to South Carolina as a vegan, so I was not sure what to expect as far as options in the grocey store, I was pleasantly surprised by the grocery store chain Publix.


Publix has vegan cheeses, multiple different kombucha brands, veggie hot dogs, hamburgers and every type of tofurkey I’ve seen.


This brand of Kombucha is so good. Not only are the names adorable, they are delicious!


The rest of the food I bought was frozen, blueberries, dragon fruit and mangos. My husband and father in law drove to South Carolina and kindly brought my Vitamix along in the car, because what would a beach vacation be without some delicious fruit smoothies.

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