Nashville Eats

Nashville, aka Music City. That city has my heart. Good food, good people, good times.

My Nashville trip was way too short, just a few days to visit a good friend. In the short weekend I spent in Nashville I went to 3 completely vegan/vegetarian restaurants, a bakery with delicious vegan options and the Nashville farmers market.

If you do visit Nashville, plan to spend plenty of time in Eastwood, which is where most of the vegan friendly joints were located. Five daughters bakery had a couple of vegan options where I had my first vegan doughnut ever, I was not disappointed.

Avo is a restaurant in Nashville that serves high quality vegan food, I have never had such delicious vegan cheeses with many to choose from. The avocado margarita was really interesting, and I felt so fancy drinking it.  IMG_E2397

My favorite restaurant was Graze, a vegan restaurant that has incredible brunch. The drinks delicious boozy kombucha might be even better than the tempeh based dish I had.




Coming from Lincoln where there are only a few all vegetarian and no all vegan restaurants, Nashville was heaven. There were so many places to choose from and not enough time to go to all the recommended ones. I’ll be back, and soon.


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