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Springtime Smoothies

We have hit that part of spring where we are all crossing our fingers that the nice weather will stick. Here is Nebraska the temperature is reaching 80 degrees some days and there is nothing better on a warm day than a healthy and refreshing smoothie.

I love looking at how the color of the drink changes everyday, even if the recipe stays relatively the same. Here are some throwback pictures of my smoothie creations from last years spring and summer.

My go to base for a smoothie is 2 frozen bananas, cashew milk, frozen berries or pineapple, ginger and spinach or kale if I want to make it a green drink. 🙂

May you get inspiration for your own creations!


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First Time Juicing

Today we are having some crazy weather including freezing rain so work and pretty much everything has been cancelled for tomorrow. Leading up to being iced in a couple of my friends agreed to do a juice fast with me.

This was my first juice fast, so I chose to only do it for 3 days. After listening to Joe Cross on the Food Heals Podcast I ordered his book, The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet. This book was perfect for the first time juicer, easy to understand  and it had shopping lists. I followed the 3-day plan almost completely. I would highly recommend using a plan like this for your first time, unless you have a nutritionist to set up a plan for you.