These are the books, movies, podcasts and websites I suggest looking into for your own vegan journey.


No Meat Athlete– this was the first book, podcast and blog that I dove into. The podcast helped me immensely because Matt and Doug really helped me learn how to act and feel around others when getting the ‘but bacon’ jokes. I highly recommend if you are an athlete and concerned about how to transition.

Get the No Meat Athlete Cookbook here.

Minimalist Baker– if you want to start baking and cooking good tasting food, but don’t want to buy a million ingredients, this is the place to start. The recipes are super easy to follow, don’t include anything that you can’t find in your local grocery store, and the pictures are beautiful.

Minimalist Baker also has a beautiful cookbook.



Isa Chandra Moskowitz– Isa is a rad chick, an excellent cook, and a normal human being. Her recipes don’t just give you the instructions, they will teach you something new. Any of Isa’s books are a must have. I myself have 4 of her cookbooks, and I have used all of them. I sometimes read her cookbooks late at night before bed because I just love dreaming of muffins and tofu scramble… I would recommend Appetite for Reduction if you are looking to loose weight, and if you are ready to gain some cooking skills, I recommend Isa Does It.

Thug Kitchen– What more can you ask for than delicious, funky recipes that will have you laughing your ass off? These recipes are not complicated, but they do take a little more time, so these are good for a big dinner party, or when you want to impress that special someone in your life. Put on some good tunes, read the instructions out loud, and don’t hold back. I have a number of Thug Kitchen cookbooks, my favorite being the Party Grub book.


How Not to Die Cookbook.



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